Without cable nothing works (or only poorly) and without all the accessories such as garaging feet or bases, acoustic racks, shock pads and contact sprays, the hobby hi-fi would be only half as nice … Unlike almost all other online and print hi-fi magazines, LowBeats makes real cable and accessories tests with comprehensive blind comparisons, underpinned with elaborate series of measurements, which accessories are Voodoo and which do what it says on the tin.


To all English speaking friends of LowBeats

Thanks for visiting LowBeats Magazin. At present it is an all German language site, with just the odd feature and review in English. We are working hard to present much more content in English and aim eventually to have a full dual language magazine for our readers. In the meantime please bear with us whilst we work to achieve this.  It will be worth the wait!

From the team at LowBeats