Car Audio

More than 30 years ago, Bose in cooperation with Cadillac set the trend towards branded car hi-fi ex factory. Much has happened since. Ten years ago, Bang & Olufsen quickened the pace with their extendable high-pressure-lenses in the Audi A8. Not forgetting Burmester in the Bugatti, the fastest car in the world, which today is also available with several variants with Dynaudio speakers. Recently the Danes have been flooring the pedal with VW. In exotic marques like Ferrari, it is JBL Pro and Bowers & Wilkins who are setting the barrier very high. In the near future B&W will fit out the new BMW 7 with their revolutionary gesture-control, which was developed by Harman, the leading brand in this field, together with brands like Harman/Kardon, JBL, Lexicon, B&W and recently even B&O. With the new Audi A4, 3D-sound is moving on to the mid-size saloon ‘C’ class sector. Before, this exclusive three-dimensional experience remained the preserve S-class Mercedes stocked by Burmester or the latest SUV Audi Q7. Thus in technological development, the automotive industry is changing from copycat to trendsetter. These technological advances are now becoming available in more humble and affordable vehicles. To all English speaking friends of LowBeats Thanks for visiting LowBeats Magazin. At present it is an all German language site, with just the odd feature and review in English. We are working hard to present much more content in English and aim eventually to have a full dual language magazine for our readers. In the meantime please bear with us whilst we work to achieve this. It will be worth the wait!