Andreas Günther

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Der begeisterte Operngänger und Vinyl-Hörer ist so etwas wie die Allzweckwaffe von LowBeats. Er widmet sich allen Gerätearten, recherchiert aber fast noch lieber im Bereich hochwertiger Musikaufnahmen.

Clearaudio Concept Signature: Simply the best from Bavaria?

Clearaudio Concept Signature

Clearaudio is not modest. The Franconians (The Franconian lands lie principally in Bavaria) even call the new Clearaudio Concept Signature the “most exciting complete turntable package of all time”. Big words that you can choke on. But we can understand the proudly swelling chest in our test. With the Concept …

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Test German Physiks The Emperor: Integrated amplifier of the Kaiser class

The loudspeaker specialist German Physiks from Maintal in Hesse was not previously known for its amplifiers. How could you? There were none until recently. But now the manufacturer of extravagant sound transducers has developed equally extravagant amplifier electronics. Normally we at LowBeats stay away from such sinfully expensive stuff. But …

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