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Octave MRE 220 SE and Jubilee up to date

Octave MRE 220 SE

The Mono-Octave MRE 220 and the large Jubilee Monos have long been part of the Baden-based tube specialist’s range. But for this year’s HIGH END in Munich, both models were thoroughly revised once again – which was also reflected in their names: the MRE 220 became the Octave MRE 220 …

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Test SPL Performer m1000: High-end mono amps from the studio

SPL Performer m1000 Front

The studio professional SPL Labs is currently shaking up the hi-fi scene. Its components from the so-called Professional Fidelity (ProFi) line combine high hi-fi ambitions with decades of experience in the studio sector. However, while the Rhinelanders have so far occupied niches with their professional components, they are now challenging …

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