LowBeats is …

… not just another ordinary website full of dry heavy going technical reports on audio and video. Ambitious in its vision, LowBeats aims to report more up-to-date and exciting developments in a reader-friendly and entertaining way on a wide range of topics from amplifiers, Bluetooth speakers, and branded in-car hi-fi. All this comes from a handful of high-profile authors who deliver in everyday language and illustrate in accompanying videos action their own ideas and verdicts. You’ll be surprised how multifaceted, easy to understand such review testing and the technology of the latest products can be. Join us in creating the bigger, clearer picture and enjoy some of the better things in life!


To all English speaking friends of LowBeats

Thanks for visiting LowBeats Magazin. At present it is an all German language site, with just the odd feature and review in English. We are working hard to present much more content in English and aim eventually to have a full dual language magazine for our readers. In the meantime please bear with us whilst we work to achieve this.  It will be worth the wait!

From the team at LowBeats