What drives us?

Dear Reader

LowBeats is an innovative hi-fi online magazine. Behind the scene are five industry veterans who have written (or still write) for major German hi-fi magazines and bring together well over 100 years of combined hi-fi journalism. Each of the five has become over time a leading expert in his respective field. To us, our long lasting emersion of the hi-fi world has always fascinated us and still does: today, our desire to experiment, to hear recorded sound and view videos and film in the highest possible quality is more vital than ever. There are so many new things to discover and report on and that is what we wish to share with you: our experience, our test results on new product developments and, especially our enthusiasm.

You can expect from us clearly researched features, accurate texts, clear assessments and measurement results based on sound research.

But that is only one side of the coin. The limits of classic hi-fi print magazines became too restrictive for us. All too often enjoyment and fun were victims of space and time constraints. Even timeliness sometimes falls by the wayside: Print media usually appear in monthly basis. An online magazine can report about relevant developments on the market in near real time. And isn’t it just interactivity and the integration of audio- and video-clips that can turn a test into a truly understandable and tangible experience? You’ll be surprised. We wish you a lot of fun in the company of LowBeats and its adventures.


To all English speaking friends of LowBeats

Thanks for visiting LowBeats Magazin. At present it is an all German language site, with just the odd feature and review in English. We are working hard to present much more content in English and aim eventually to have a full dual language magazine for our readers . In the meantime please bear with us whilst we work to achieve this.  It will be worth the wait!

From the team at LowBeats