Foto: S. Schickedanz

Stefan Schickedanz

Stefan Schickedanz, freelancer at LowBeats, skipped a possible traineeship because he was already earning money for his racing ambitions at the local newspaper when he was 14 – and consequently wanted to become a racing cyclist. But the plan fell through. Instead, Stefan Schickedanz devoted himself to his second passion: the intensive study of hi-fi. Over the last 25 years, he has become one of the busiest hi-fi journalists in Germany. He started out as an editor at HiFi-Vision and now works as a freelance author for AUDIO, STEREOPLAY and VIDEO. But his penchant for fast cars remained. His own cars are always overpowered, he holds an international C license and has published articles in specialist magazines such as Motor Klassik or Sportauto.

From the skeleton sled in the Olympic ice channel from a Russian T55 armored recovery vehicle to the Bugatti Veyron and Porsche Cayman S he has driven everything that is fast or extraordinary.

Both passions predestine him for a very special field in hi-fi: Stefan Schickedanz is today one of the most recognized specialist journalists for high-end car hi-fi systems and certainly the only journalist ever who can claim to have done a listening test beyond 300 kilometers per hour… In addition to his activities for LowBeats, the Stuttgart resident by choice writes non-fiction books(men’s toys) and novels, which he likes to publish as audio books.

At LowBeats, Stefan is responsible for the “Car HiFi” and “Mobile Devices” divisions.