Andreas Günther – the classic fine spirit

Andreas Günther
Andreas in the midst of his favorite matter: records and record players, here a Wilson Benesch Circle 25 (Photo: H. Biermann)

Andreas Günther…

… was born in 1966 in the documenta city of Kassel and has two professional qualifications to his name. After graduating from high school, he learned the trade of a daily newspaper editor from scratch at the Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine. Afterwards, Andreas Günther began studying musicology in Göttingen, but then switched to opera and theater directing in Munich and is actually the only graduate director at LowBeats. But he doesn’t make much of it, because there’s still the story of hi-fi journalism… Andreas owes his first encounter with hi-fi to his father, a trained radio and television technician. He built tube amplifiers and loudspeakers with him. The fascination remained and eventually led to Andreas accepting an editorial position at HifiVision (which has since been discontinued) after graduation. Another position: editor-in-chief of the classical music magazine FonoForum.

Today he works freelance – for example for audio, stereoplay or LowBeats.

Andreas is one of the few HiFi editors who a.) a listen to a lot of classical music and b.) hear it where it is made. When Andreas is not at a concert, at the opera or in one of Munich’s test listening rooms, he can be found at Munich’s flea markets. Here he is on the lookout for classic records to add to his already immense vinyl collection…