The LowBeats living-listening room: just like in life

The LowBeats office is also the LowBeats living/listening room
The LowBeats office is large enough to accommodate different listening situations. It is therefore also the LowBeats living/listening room (Photo: H. Biermann)

The LowBeats living/listening room is actually an office: a very large one, however. With over 70 square meters, it offers enough space for the editor-in-chief as well as two listening situations with a high degree of realism to classic listening rooms. The floor is parquet and the room has many windows. This ensures a lot of reverberation.


The LowBeats living-listening room total view
The LowBeats living/listening room is almost 70 square meters in size. The many windows make the room very bright and ensure an extremely pleasant working atmosphere (Photo: H. Biermann)

To prevent the reverberation from getting out of hand, we installed a number of Fast Audio absorbers in key locations. The room has nevertheless remained very “alive”. That is intentional. Because this is where we test the small systems and all soundbars that normally have to work in exactly these conditions.

The absorbers of the LowBeats living/listening room
The Steely Dan record cover is one of several large absorbers from Fast Audio that noticeably reduce the mid-high frequency energy in the room (Photo: H. Biermann)

This is because the small systems – and here, of course, we are primarily talking about the small speakers – usually have too little energy and too little sound pressure. A room that is only slightly damped is just right. This is especially true for soundbars and similar constructions that use various tricks to create a surround reproduction. Soundbars and the equally popular Bluetooth speakers require rooms with a large reflective surface because they generally have very little power. However, the LowBeats listening room offers an abundance of reflective surfaces. Also because of the large conference table, which is not only the center of our meetings, but is also often misused as a base for photo shoots.

The conference table of the LowBeats living/listening room
The huge table is a conference table, a photo surface, but also an acoustic tool: the entire underside is covered with an acoustic mat and thus absorbs a lot of mid-high frequency energy from the room (Photo: H. Biermann)

The dual use of this room as an office and a living/listening room has many advantages. But above all: there is always a lot of music in the LowBeats office… Many tests and the recordings for the LowBeats sound oracle are made here:

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