Claus Dick – the photographic flair

Claus Dick

Claus Dick was born in 1961 in the small, fine Franconian metropolis of Bamberg, completed a proper banker’s apprenticeship – and discovered music and hi-fi for himself very early on: two bright red mini radio portables were attached to his go-kart, with which the US station AFN could be received. It received only AM and was quite noisy, but it played the hits of the big world at the time. And it felt like stereo! This was followed in 1990 by training as an editor at Motorpresse – with AUDIO and stereoplay as well as Color Foto as anchor locations.

At AUDIO, he made it to head of the magazine department, but also did a lot of test & technology work. Above all, however, he was influenced by his collaboration with the music journalist-coriphany Claus Böhm, with whom he filled the reportedly good music section for many years and conducted many interviews: Phil Collins, Björk, Ringo Starr (Beatles), Bob Geldof, Ray Manzarek (Doors) or the very enchanting Heather Nova :-), to name but a few. Not to forget: Claus’ responsibility at Tvmovie mulitmedia for “music, film and audio books” and the chief editor at Germany’s first music/print internet magazine “eJay”. Claus has been a freelance author since 2000. This includes many years of freelance work for Stern, Stuttgarter Zeitung/Sonntag Aktuell, also in the areas of travel and, for the last 10 years, IT/automotive. Important: The camera was and is always there. And so it comes as no surprise that, objectively speaking, this visual activity now makes up a significant part of his journalistic profession: Claus is one of the photographers of the model railroading bible: the Märklin magazine. At LowBeats, Claus spins the records – regularly reviewing the top albums of the month plus audiophile highlights and outstanding immersive audio music. To do this, he searches the web for really good-sounding online sessions and concerts. When it comes to hi-fi, he is mainly concerned with celver designed headphones – his favorite subject for years.