Michael Jansen: loudspeaker expertise in action

Michael Jansen


When Michael Jansen came to hi-fi (we’re talking about the 1970s), people were still building their own loudspeakers. So one kit followed the next in the teenager’s room; even with the Klipschorn replica from ACR, the parents are said to have grumbled only discreetly. And so Michael’s career path was somehow predetermined: He became a HiFi editor and wrote as a freelance author for HiFi&Records, HomeVision, Audio Vision, Stereo, Video, ifidelity, among others.

But writing alone was never enough for him: he co-founded a measurement technology company that, for example, provided AudioVison with measurement technology for a long time. In 2003, Michael and his company switched to the automotive industry – naturally in the field of acoustics. It is designed to find (and eliminate) noise in the models of a Bavarian car manufacturer, but also to make sports cars sound racy.

But Michael can’t let go of his hi-fi hobby. And so Michael has been working for LowBeats since the beginning of 2021 – but never without contributing his metrological expertise. Other hobbies are: working on vintage cars and tweaking the parameters of espresso machinescollecting old chronographs and, if possible, driving fast cars.