(Foto: R. Vogt)

Raphael Vogt: Homecinema + CEO

Raphael Vogt, born in 1966 in Westphalia, felt drann to all things electronic from an early age. After leaving school, Raphael completed an apprenticeship as an electrical appliance mechanic and learned many things that are still useful to him today. After holding various positions in the field of computer graphics animation, he became a specialist at stereoplay in 1993 for two years in the still young field of home cinema/surround. After various sales and marketing positions (Lexikon, Runco, Parasound, Mogami, Focal), he returned to his journalistic skills and wrote for HomeVision, Video, stereoplay, ifidelity and AV-Magazin, among others. Today, in addition to his work at LowBeats, he mainly consults in the home theater sound and picture sector and is also one of Germany’s busiest projector calibrators… Raphael was bitten by the movie bug back in the early 80s after several visits to the (now closed) Frankfurt flagship cinema “Royal”. He was particularly taken with the cool sci-fi movies: Blade Runner, Tron & Co still hang as posters in his 40 square meter loft cinema. This home theater is official and packed with a multitude of active compact speakers plus subwoofers – the new sound formats require so many channels…

At LowBeats, he looks after – no wonder – everything to do with “big picture” and “multi-channel sound”. And because he knows how to appreciate and value the wines of his adopted home in the Palatinate, he is happy to support Holger at the LowBeats wine panel.

In his non-journalistic role, the LowBeats co-founder is one of two managing directors (the other is Holger Biermann) and, as Technical Director, the first point of contact for all technical and programming matters at LowBeats.