Andrew Weber – the man for history, miscellany and nitpicking

Andrew WeberAndrew Weber…

… belongs to Generation X. Even if many at LowBeats have the feeling that they have a colorful professional biography, Andrew Weber’s is more colorful. After graduating from high school, he began training as an electronics technician, which eventually led to a traineeship at the local editorial office of taz/Hamburg. This was followed by positions at youth and music magazines in Munich, where he rose to become editor-in-chief. He switched to TVdirekta TV program guide with a circulation of more than one million at the time, to set up its Facebook page, among other things – again as part of the editorial team.

At some point, the glamor became too much for him. He became a freelance journalist and once again did “honest local journalism” for the Münchener Merkur, among others. Today, Andrew is editor-in-chief of the Berlin-based media magazine Nitro and author at LowBeats, where he is primarily responsible for the “Company Portraits/History” and – he would say – “Miscellaneous” sections. He is also a wonderfully fussy editor.