Bernhard Rietschel

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Bernhard Rietschel ist gelebte HiFi-Kompetenz. Sein Urteil zu allen Geräten ist geprägt von enormer Kenntnis, doch beim Analogen macht ihm erst recht niemand etwas vor: mehr Analog-Laufwerke, Tonarme und Tonabnehmer hat keiner gehört.

Test mass drive Acoustic Signature Verona NEO: Force & elegance


The Acoustic Signature Verona NEO is a top-quality turntable in the guise of a normal record player. In the test, it impressed with its well thought-out practical features, high flexibility and powerful, generous sound. The Verona NEO is a little out of line with the Acoustic Signature drives. The Swabian …

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Test turntable Thiele TT01/TA01: Moby Disk


Many have failed in the hunt for the arch-enemy of analog reproduction. Now Helmut Thiele is also targeting the tracking error angle – and wants to defeat it with a tricky tonearm. The test of his unique Thiele TT01/TA01 turntable/tonearm combination. “Ah, I know that one!” As soon as Helmut …

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Test Thorens TD 1600 with TP 160: Let the Good Times Roll

Thorens TD 1600 mit TP 160 with supply

The TD 1600 is perhaps the most irresistible of all the new Thorens players – both aesthetically and technically: the proportions are perfect, the sub-chassis works superbly. But together with the new tonearm, i.e. the Thorens TD 1600 with TP 160, the combination comes within reach of a quality that …

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Test turntable Burmester 217


The mighty Burmester 175 turntable made a big impression on us. Now there is a model from Berlin that is half as heavy and half as expensive, the Burmester 217. Visually, it shines like its big brother. But how much of its tonal authority remains? There is no need to …

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