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Chefredakteur mit Faible für feinste Lautsprecher- und Verstärkertechnik, guten Wein und Reisen: aus seiner Feder stammen auch die meisten Messe- und Händler-Reports.

Audiovector Trapez 2024: a classic for the anniversary

Audiovector Trapez Ambience

Ole Klifoth has always had a passion for hi-fi. Although he wasn’t actually an engineer, he gradually got to grips with the subject and founded Audiovector in 1979. One of his first professional speakers was the Trapez – a very unusual speaker in many respects, with a large bass and …

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Octave MRE 220 SE and Jubilee up to date

Octave MRE 220 SE

The Mono-Octave MRE 220 and the large Jubilee Monos have long been part of the Baden-based tube specialist’s range. But for this year’s HIGH END in Munich, both models were thoroughly revised once again – which was also reflected in their names: the MRE 220 became the Octave MRE 220 …

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iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei: first mobile DAC with K2HD technology

iFi GO Bar Kensei

iFi Audio recently introduced its GO Bar Kensei. According to the catalog, the iFi GO Bar Kensei combines Japanese swordsmanship with state-of-the-art audio technology. In short, it is the world’s first ultra-portable digital-to-analog converter / headphone amplifier with K2HD technology. That’s the keyword: K2HD technology. It was originally developed by …

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Test Progressive Audio Power Station 1 KW: pure power

We know Progressiv Audio as a manufacturer of outstanding sounding loudspeakers and amplifiers; PA boss Ralf Koenen simply knows what he is doing. But now he has looked outside the signal chain and, with the Progressive Audio Power Station 1KW, a power conditioner that is as clever as it is …

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Test Spatial Europe MCS No. 2: Effortless dynamics

Spatial Europe MCS No. 2

We have already tested several Mach One models from Spatial Europe and were thoroughly impressed by the open baffles. But in the fall, Mach-One boss Robert Andorf contacted us with complete euphoria. After months of research, he achieved an epoch-making breakthrough. So we were even more excited and immediately ordered …

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The 3D recording of the month: Martin Kälberer “Raum”

Martin Kälberer "Space"

Visiting the MSM studios in Munich has become a nice habit for me. Every 6 – 8 weeks, studio manager Stefan Bock invites guests to Theresienstraße in Munich to present an outstandingly produced album with 3D sound in small or very small groups. As a reminder, MSM Studios is one …

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50 years of Backes & Müller: always active against the current

Backes & Müller Logo

50 years of Backes & Müller: In the 70s, 80s and 90s of the last century, there was hardly a name in German (loudspeaker) hi-fi that fascinated fans more than that of Backes & Müller: The active speakers from the Saarbrücken-based loudspeaker manufacturer had a virtual subscription to the reference …

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Canton Reference 7 test: a well-rounded product through and through

Canton R7

Canton’s Reference series is entering its fourth generation, which the Hessians have given the suffix “2023” for the sake of better differentiation. Each of these generations had something special. However, the current 2023 series immediately catches the eye with its particularly high level of living space friendliness: Many curves create …

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