iFi GO Bar Kensei
The iFi GO Bar Kensei is a small yet powerful DAC/headphone amplifier for on the go. Its price: 449 euros (Photo: iFi)

iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei: first mobile DAC with K2HD technology

iFi Audio recently introduced its GO Bar Kensei. According to the catalog, the iFi GO Bar Kensei combines Japanese swordsmanship with state-of-the-art audio technology. In short, it is the world’s first ultra-portable digital-to-analog converter / headphone amplifier with K2HD technology.

That’s the keyword: K2HD technology. It was originally developed by the sound engineers at JVCKENWOOD and can be found on many a digital sound carrier. It is intended to ensure that the music is reproduced in the same quality as the original master. More precisely: K2HD promises that all overtones that are occasionally lost during digitization will be restored.

But that’s not all the GO Bar Kensei can do. The mini DAC/headphone amp offers an individual sound image with four digital filters as well as XBass+ and XSpace for a more precise bass reproduction and a broader stage. An improved power and clock circuit provides a wider soundstage, more detail and a more powerful bass to satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.

At the heart of the signal processing of the new iFi GO bar Kensei is a 16-core XMOS controller, which handles the signal processing via the USB-C input. In conjunction with a D/A converter from Cirrus Logic Inc. can process signals in PCM with up to 32 bit and 384 kHz, DSD with up to DSD256 and MQA.

The GO bar Kensei is equipped with a balanced 4.4 mm output, a balanced dual mono output stage and a maximum output power of 477 mW.

In addition, iEMatch allows you to fine-tune the output level for sensitive headphones, while Turbo mode offers 6 dB more gain for power-hungry headphones.

iFi GO Bar Kensei packaging
The GO Bar Kensai comes – in keeping with its claim – in elegant packaging (Photo: iFi)

The main features of the iFi GO Bar Kensei:

– The world’s first ultra-portable DAC with K2HD technology
– 4 digital filters: Bit-Perfect, GTO, Standard and Minimum Phase
– 2 professional analog processing modes: XBass+ for precise bass reproduction and XSpace for a wide sound field
– Improved clock and power supply circuits
– Up to 477 mW continuous power – Various output modes for highly sensitive headphones / IEMs
– Made from Japanese stainless steel

Price & availability

The GO Bar Kensei is available immediately and costs 449 euros. Further information at www.ifi-audio.com/products/go-bar-kensei/

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